The relationship between constipation and dietary fiber

Constipation and dietary fiber is to be deeply involved. Therefore, for the sake of constipation improvement it has been to take a lot of dietary fiber. The dietary fiber, because it has very good water retention, or to soften the stool, it has a big role, such as increasing the amount of feces. The constipation has been that there are a variety of types, but it is particularly rectal constipation or atonic constipation and dietary fiber are related.
It is about constipation and dietary fiber, but dietary fiber absorbs the moisture in the colon for us to clean the bowel. If constipation is actively taking a dietary fiber, I think that constipation is resolved by the ingestion of water. Does not occur urge to have a bowel movement and the amount of stool is small, increases the amount of flights by taking a dietary fiber, because it feels the urge to have a bowel movement by stimulating the intestinal wall, constipation and dietary fiber is to be in an important relationship think.

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